Optimized for Dialers

Our VoIP is optimized for use with predictive dialers such as ViCiDial, GoAutoDial, OSDial and similar modes of marketing traffic. Nevertheless, we also tend to regular users using any SIP or IAX devices.

Local, Corn-Fed VoIP

We're local. Our equipment is located in the heart of Los Angeles. Therefore, you will find that our ping values are extremely low and our servers provide unmatched speed.

We Share the Wealth

Interested in becoming a re-seller? Look no further. OneCentVoIP offers a uniquely high 5% residual referral fee. Call us today and find out about our re-seller program.

Simple. Fast. Reliable.

OneCentVoIP is a premier, carrier-grade SIP trunking provider tending primarily to predictive dialer clients. We strongly believe in simple business concepts, so we tailored our SIP solution the same way; no matter where your potential clients might be within the USA, our flat-rate cost is the same for most landline, USA-based calls: 1 cent1. No contracts, long or short obligations, and maintenance costs.

We can provide your business with a top of the line SIP trunk and unlimited number of channels and CPS (calls-per-second). Our technicians will also help you set up your dialer for optimal performance and clarity.

If you feel that our solution is right for you, please register a free account today. If you might have any questions or would like to consult to our techies, please call or email us anytime.

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