February 2021

Updating all user and phone password in ViCiDial from the command line

To simultaneously update all of the username and phone passwords in ViCiDial, please log in to your MySQL (or PhpMyAdmin, if available) and run the following SQL statements: UPDATE phones set pass=’Your_Password’,conf_secret=’Your_Password’ where user_level=1; UPDATE vicidial_users set pass=’Your_Password’,phone_pass=’Your_Password’ where user_level=1;

Fix the Time Synchronization problem with ViCiDial

When experiencing database problems, most often manifested by an outbound dialing issue or a time syncronization issue, try running the following command from your SSH client: mysqlcheck -u cron -p 1234 –auto-repair –check –optimize –all-databases You can also use the root MySQL credentials. Make sure to restart the asterisk service just in case: service asterisk …

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