General Tips

Installing Fail2Ban on a CentOS server

If you are running a predictive dialer (or any kind of Asterisk server) or a web hosting server, you have probably experienced often hacker/lamer brute force attempts. These attacks can be easily blocked by implementing optimal server configuration, using a good Firewall (i.e. SonicWall, PfSense, Tomato) etc. A very useful method of blocking brute force attacks is installing Fail2Ban, which

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How to create a lookup / relation field in vTiger 7

When creating a fields, following changes are needed in database: vtiger_field table – change typeofdata from the current value whatever it might be to I~O vtiger_field table – change uitype from the current value to 10 vtiger_fieldmodulerel table – create a new row containing the original fieldid from the vtiger_field table, module where the data is located, module where the data should be

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Removing a valid IP from IPTables or blacklisting a hacker IP

To remove a valid IP address from the iptables, log in via SSH and enter the following commands: iptables-save > tmp_filenano tmp_file Remove / delete the line containing the valid IP address iptables-restore < tmp_file & iptables-save To block an IP (example 111.222.333.444), please use the following command: iptables -A INPUT -s 111.222.333.444 -j DROP

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vTiger Comments Time Format

Lot of our clients using vTiger have complained about the default Comments time format (X days ago and similar). To use a more standard timestamp, please edit the /modules/Vtiger/helpers/util.php file. Comment out the original $dateTime function and enter the following instead for imperial:   public static function formatdatediffinstrings($datetime) {//$dateTime = Vtiger_Datetime_UIType::getDBDateTimeValue($dateTime);return date(“m-d-Y h:i:s a”, strtotime($dateTime));

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vTiger 7.X CE Roles Fix

resh installs of self-hosted vTiger 7 come with a bug where leads and opportunities are not visible for any newly created roles unless the user is given admin privileges. Please run the following queries after making a backup of your database:     CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `vtiger_cv2group` (`cvid` int(25) NOT NULL,`groupid` int(25) NOT

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