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How to create a lookup / relation field in vTiger 7

When creating a fields, following changes are needed in database: vtiger_field table – change typeofdata from the current value whatever it might be to I~O vtiger_field table – change uitype from the current value to 10 vtiger_fieldmodulerel table – create a new row containing the original fieldid from the vtiger_field table, module where the data is located, module where the data should be …

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Monitor / Barge Problem on GoAutoDial 3.3 / ViCiDial

GoAutoDial CE 3.3 monitoring and barge function do not work out of the box. To fix this, log in via SSH and run the following commands: For CentOs distros: yum install glibc.i686 -y For Ubuntu distros: apt-get install libc6-i386 Then run: usr/share/astguiclient/ip_replay/relay_control start Voila! *Please note that epel5 distros cannot be updated anymore as they are EOL.

Removing a valid IP from IPTables or blacklisting a hacker IP

To remove a valid IP address from the iptables, log in via SSH and enter the following commands: iptables-save > tmp_filenano tmp_file Remove / delete the line containing the valid IP address iptables-restore < tmp_file & iptables-save To block an IP (example 111.222.333.444), please use the following command: iptables -A INPUT -s 111.222.333.444 -j DROP …

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vTiger Comments Time Format

Lot of our clients using vTiger have complained about the default Comments time format (X days ago and similar). To use a more standard timestamp, please edit the /modules/Vtiger/helpers/util.php file. Comment out the original $dateTime function and enter the following instead for imperial:   public static function formatdatediffinstrings($datetime) {//$dateTime = Vtiger_Datetime_UIType::getDBDateTimeValue($dateTime);return date(“m-d-Y h:i:s a”, strtotime($dateTime)); …

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Updating all user and phone password in ViCiDial from the command line

To simultaneously update all of the username and phone passwords in ViCiDial, please log in to your MySQL (or PhpMyAdmin, if available) and run the following SQL statements: UPDATE phones set pass=’Your_Password’,conf_secret=’Your_Password’ where user_level=1; UPDATE vicidial_users set pass=’Your_Password’,phone_pass=’Your_Password’ where user_level=1;

Fix the Time Synchronization problem with ViCiDial

When experiencing database problems, most often manifested by an outbound dialing issue or a time syncronization issue, try running the following command from your SSH client: mysqlcheck -u cron -p 1234 –auto-repair –check –optimize –all-databases You can also use the root MySQL credentials. Make sure to restart the asterisk service just in case: service asterisk …

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Robocalls / Press1

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has taken steps to address the Robocall problem by adopting rules that allow carriers to proactively block certain kinds of calls that are likely to be unlawful because they come from improper or invalid phone numbers, including those that do not or cannot make outgoing calls. Check out the details …

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